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Most kitchens are similarly shaped to the shapes below, perhaps with some modifications.

  1. Select the closest shape to your kitchen
  2. Change the dimensions in the form on your right to match your own kitchen.

Example kitchen for the selected layout:

These are my worktop dimensions:
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Worktop dimensions

For pricing purposes, Stone Masters needs to work out the total area of stone worktops you will require in square metres. We provide you with tools to work this out:
  • Standard kitchen layouts with theoretical lengths and widths for each piece that you can overwrite
  • A grid where you simply type in the length and width of each piece of worktop you want.


We are not asking you for millimetre accuracy in the estimation process – that is our job when we come to take the site template. However, get the measurements close for an accurate quotation. The quotation we provide you with is based upon the measurements you take.
Piece Description: Length Width
I need to add more pieces
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More pieces required

If your kitchen has more than 5 pieces of worktop, we encourage you to contact us and we will do the quotation for you.

Please email or fax us your kitchen plans, or even a hand drawn sketch, and we will come back to you with a quotation normally by the next business day.
Location & Access

  • Our standard quotation includes template and installation charges. Your post code will be used to calculate this.

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Your information is safe

Stone Masters sells stone – certainly not your information.

The minimal information we ask from you before providing a quote is to send you a copy of the quotation by email or post.

We also use your post code to work out the distance from our factory to the site for pricing purposes.

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