Zodiaq Argil Brown

Argil Brown (Zodiaq code CBG) is from the Zodiaq Concrete Block range. It is one of three brown stones in this range and is the middle colour shade of the three. The others are the Clay Brown and the Mahogany Brown. It is the sheer consistency of the whole Concrete Block range that makes it the height of contemporary.

  • Brown

How much would a Zodiaq Argil Brown kitchen cost?

  • £4,486.38

  • £2,765.98

  • £2,502.67

  • £2,131.01

  • £3,073.95

What is included in these prices
These prices are indicative for averaged sized kitchen worktops of these shapes for the price group you have chosen. Templating and fitting charges may vary for your kitchen depending on the distance from our factory. These prices include:
  • Worktops (including templating & fitting)
  • Sink cut out and tap holes
  • 1 set of 5 drainer grooves
  • Hob cut out
  • VAT at 20%

Zodiaq® is is a well known quartz brand originally designed by the American giant chemical company DuPont™. It is a product that is well received by designers and architects all over the world.

Zodiaq® was amongst the first quartz companies to promote matt finishes, particularly with the popular Concrete Block range. In a sense, there are no bells and wistles with Zodiaq®, just good quailty quartz slabs in a medium sized range of attractive colours.

Kitchen worktops are not the only application for Zodiaq®. Stone Masters have engaged in large scale tiling projects in Zodiaq® tiles, as well as surfacing for high specification bathrooms.