Quartz Compac Ceniza

Ceniza is from the Genesis range by Quartz Compac. This entire range is even in colour, with graining evident but consistent in the stone. Ceniza is the light grey version of this range whilst the dark grey version is Plomo. IT is amongst the cheapest stones of all Quartz surfaces and is great value for an ever popular colour.

  • Grey

How much would a Quartz Compac Ceniza kitchen cost?

  • £2,765.37

  • £1,803.31

  • £1,656.06

  • £1,448.22

  • £1,975.52

What is included in these prices
These prices are indicative for averaged sized kitchen worktops of these shapes for the price group you have chosen. Templating and fitting charges may vary for your kitchen depending on the distance from our factory. These prices include:
  • Worktops (including templating & fitting)
  • Sink cut out and tap holes
  • 1 set of 5 drainer grooves
  • Hob cut out
  • VAT at 20%
Quartz Compac

Quartz Compac® is the ideal quartz stone for worktops, bathroom and kitchen floors as well as heavy traffic surfaces.

This Spanish composite stone company offers a large range of striking colours such as Compac Passion as part of their ultra modern range. 

Quartz Compac excels in making marble effect quartz surfaces that are so realistic that even stone experts like the directors at Stone Masters have to inspect the stone really closely to confirm it is not natural marble - quite an engineering feat.

Compac® also have a marble composite range called Marmol Compac® which is suitable for bathroom applications as opposed to kitchen worktops.