Diresco Premium Dolphin Grey

Diresco Premium Dolphin Grey is a pale grey stone that is available in a polished or an Easy Clean finish (leather type). It is relatively new amongst the Diresco range but it blends in perfectly with their existing colours with its even and reserved tone. 

Certainly not a stone for the adventurous, however if you are after a calm, unobtrusive kitchen worktop, then this stone fits the bill. The stone colour and theme is modelled on the ever popular Zodiaq Concrete Grey, however whilst the Zodiaq stone is only available in a Matt finish, Diresco Premium Dolphin Grey has the advantage of both polished and matt finishes.

  • Grey

How much would a Diresco Premium Dolphin Grey kitchen cost?

  • £5,334.04

  • £3,240.14

  • £2,919.66

  • £2,467.31

  • £3,614.96

What is included in these prices
These prices are indicative for averaged sized kitchen worktops of these shapes for the price group you have chosen. Templating and fitting charges may vary for your kitchen depending on the distance from our factory. These prices include:
  • Worktops (including templating & fitting)
  • Sink cut out and tap holes
  • 1 set of 5 drainer grooves
  • Hob cut out
  • VAT at 20%

Diresco is one of our most popular quartz surface ranges for worktops because it offers fantastic value. Choose Diresco and you will be choosing a top quality quartz worktop but at a much lower cost that some of the other quartz brands offerd by Stone Masters.

The colour range is a touch subdued in this range, but the black, grey and beige tones offered remain ever popular in the same way that Magnolia paint will always remain popular - these are low risk stones in terms of designing the colour scheme for your home.

The whole range of Diresco is now available in the Easy Clean finish which has a subtle texture on the surface. Stones such as Premium Cotton Beige look significantly different in this matt finish and have proved very popular with designers.