Arenastone Crema Pepe

Crema Pepe (AR321) by Arenastone is a direct replacement for Arenastone Crema Romano (AR203) which has been discontinued. This stone is part of a general clear out and update that Arenastone have done over the last couple of years to keep their range current.

Whilst there is nothing particularly unique about this stone, it is not displeasing, and it is one of the cheapest stones available from Arenastone. The odd dark crystal amongst the otherwise cream coloured crystals add character and break up the monotony of some quartz surfaces.

  • Beige_Cream

How much would a Arenastone Crema Pepe kitchen cost?

  • £3,150.67

  • £2,018.83

  • £1,845.60

  • £1,601.09

  • £2,221.44

What is included in these prices
These prices are indicative for averaged sized kitchen worktops of these shapes for the price group you have chosen. Templating and fitting charges may vary for your kitchen depending on the distance from our factory. These prices include:
  • Worktops (including templating & fitting)
  • Sink cut out and tap holes
  • 1 set of 5 drainer grooves
  • Hob cut out
  • VAT at 20%

Arenastone is an Italian quartz brand that has been well established particularly in the West of England. In addition to a healthy range of regular size slabs suitable for kitchen worktops, Arenastone also offers smaller sizes in the full colour range for areas such as bathroom vanities where it does not make sense to buy a full slab of stone.

The colour choice and styles available is substantive, with the curiously sparkly Mystico range. The The marble effect range is really well thought out in stones like Bianco fantasia, and Arenastone still retains a large range of mirror stones that have remained ever popular with our customers.

Arenastone boasts all the advantages of quartz surfaces: low maintenance, non-porous and therefore intrinsicly hygienic, and flexibility yet consistency in design.