Technistone Worktops

Technistone Worktops Highlights

- Largest and most colourful mirror range

- Large value range of colours

Technistone Worktops Range

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Technistone Worktops

Technistone® quartz sufaces offer one of the largest colour choices. Initially focussed on the sparkly mirror quartz in outrageous colours, Technistone has evolved to include more mainstream plain colours such as black, as well as a more granite looking large grain range. 
Technistone® have a confusingly named "Granite" range of quartz surfaces which really stands out from the other quartz surface brands. Stones such as Taurus or Crystal Sahara are not to everyones taste, but those that love it will choose nothing else. 
The Starlight series within Technistone® remains a strength of the brand in terms of the sparkly mirror stones. The array of mirror colours is astounding, with many sharp options such as Starlight Green which delight designers for prominent commercial projects.

Unique Colours in Technistone Worktops: