What payment methods can you use for purchasing your stone worktops?

When to pay
What the payment covers
Preferred payment method
10% Order confirmed
Credit card - Google checkout/Paypal
40% Stone ordered/reserved
Bank transfer
50% Payable of satisfactory installation
Bank transfer

Why are the payments staggered?

We generally do not ask for the full value of the work until satisfactory completion. We do however require a deposit before we purchase any stock or proceed with manufacturing. This system gives you peace of mind and is an indication of the confidence in our success rate.

Remember, you only need to pay 10% of the value of the worktops to arrange a template.

Cheque, bank transfers or credit card?

We use Google Checkout or Paypal to accept credit card payments. They are both secure online payments systems where you never have to give your credit card details to us directly - in this way there is no chance of credit card theft. Most major credit cards are accepted.

Credit card is definitely the best way for paying the 10% required to confirm your order and book your template date - it is quick and causes the least delays. We do not charge a credit card fee for this specific purpose.

For the balance of the payments, we prefer bank payments, the details of which will be sent to you in our quotation. There is no charge for bank payments and so long as you email us proof of payment, there will be no delay in the manufacturing of your worktops.

Credit card companies charge us a hefty fee which we must pass on in part to our customers. The cost of using a credit card is 4% added to the outstanding balance for your worktops.

We are happy to receive cheques for each of the payments, however this does tend to delay matters as a rule.

Are discounts available?

Current special offers: These are genuine clearance stock items - there are real bargains to be found.

Price matching: We like to offer a superior service at a competitive price. If you find a like for like quotation cheaper than ours, we will not only aim to match the quotation but also include a complimentary stone care kit to show our gratitude for giving us a second chance.

Trade customers can claim a 10% discount on non special offer items from their second order. For the first transaction, we will ask for the full non-discounted value, and the 10% discount will be carried forward to your second purchase.