How far in advance do you need to order your stone worktops?

The good news is that the lead time for stone worktops is normally considerably shorter than for ordering the main kitchen furniture!

The quickest turn around time

  1. If we have the stone in stock - order and pay the deposit any time prior to the template date and we will reserve the stone.

  2. If the stone has to be ordered - we recommend placing your order and paying the deposit at least 7 days prior to the template date.

Both of these options mean that there is no delay once the template has been taken and approval of our drawings received. You can have your worktops within 8 days of the template date.

How early can Stone Masters template?

Minimum requirement: The base units need to be in the correct position and secured to the wall. Any end panel or other element that needs to be allowed for in the measurement should be fixed also.

We also require the sink and hob to be on site. We may take the sink back to the factory for accurate sink cut outs.

What can adversely affect the lead time?

Stock: Whilst it is rare, our stone whole-sellers may not have your particular choice of stone in stock. When this has happened, it has normally delayed the delivery of stone slabs to us by up to 5 days. We do encourage early orders to totally eliminate this type of delay.

Breakage: stone is strong but brittle. Despite our significant experience and multiple precautions, we do suffer some breakage in manufacturing and transporting the worktops. If this does happen to your worktops, we sometimes have leftover material to manufacture a new piece, or alternatively have to wait for a new slab to arrive.

Customer side issues: It helps when our customers follow the advice and guidelines contained in this section of our website. This should mean that the kitchen units are readily prepared for our template, the units are not moved or adjusted in any way before we come to fit, and that we are instructed very clearly on any measurements (such as overhangs) that the customer may want different from our standard methods.