Quartzforms Worktops

Quartzforms Worktops Highlights

- Beautifully realistic marble effect colours 

- Nice range of cheaper colours

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Quartzforms Worktops

Quartzforms is a German brand that manufacturers quartz slabs. German precision and engineering is at the heart of Quartzforms ethos and it is reflected in the colours that they produce.  

The veined colours in Quartzforms really are superlative. Veined Michael Angelo is akin to natural marble - even stone experts would struggle to identify this stone as synthetic and not natural. The darker colours in this marble effect like Veined Africa are equally impressive. 

Do take a moment to check out the Extreme colours like Extreme Night Black and Extreme Iceberg White; these type of colours on each end of the colour spectrum are technically very hard to produce consistently however German engineering makes child's play out of getting pure whites and blacks.

Unique Colours in Quartzforms Worktops:

Brand : Quartzforms

Absolute Light Grey

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