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Buy stone worktops direct from the factory for the greatest choice in colour and style.

"My builder gave me just 6 choices of granite and was pushing me to choose plain black granite.I found Stone Masters online and ended up with my choice - bright, blue, extremely shiny quartz!..." - Sheryl S., Central London, May 2008

Worktops are a central part of any kitchen - do not compromise.

Stone Worktops

It is well known that worktops are probably the most prominent part of the kitchen, and your choosing stone worktops makes certain of this. Non stone specialists such as builders or even kitchen studios will not have the range of stones available that Stone Masters offers. Your choice will almost certainly be restricted to a few granites and maximum two brands of quartz.

At Stone Masters, we offer over 300 different quartz surfaces from 8 different quality brands and each stone is unique to some extent. For granites, we have partnered with Pisani who have the largest range of natural stone in the London in their showroom and warehouse near Heathrow. Here you can choose and reserve you very own unique granite slabs, and we will cut and install them.

Personalise your worktops by adding your own style.

"...The best part of my kitchen is the curved end of my breakfast bar of which I am extremely proud. Stone Masters helped me visualise the curve on my units and gave me the confidence to really make the kitchen my own!" - Sheryl S., Central London, May 2008

A different edging style, or perhaps the ultra modern 60mm built up edge with a stone end panel (floor stand) - that is all it takes to give that unique touch to your worktops. Some of our customers want a unique shaped breakfast bar which we can design and preview for them before they commit to it. These are the extra types of services that we can offer when compared to a non stone specialist.

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