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What kind of savings should you expect by buying worktops direct from the factory?

"The quote I got from John Lewis was almost double the quote from Stone Masters. I thought there must be a mistake, or that there is a difference in quality to justify the price difference - but no, Stone Masters were very professional and gave me fantastic worktops at a price that made me happy!" - Andrew K, Fulham. July 2009

"Stone Masters were at least 20% cheaper than my builder for the worktops - most importantly, I had a phenomenal choice." - Rita L. Bucks March 2009

Transparent Quote

At Stone Masters, we like to put our customers fully in the picture by not holding back information. Our online quote is broken down so you can understand how the various material and service charges affect the total cost.

"I got the stone choice I wanted at a 45% saving by buying from the Stone Masters special offers section compared to the quote from my kitchen designer. The worktops are perfect!" - Julan S. Herts. January 2009

Comparing like for like

We will not compromise on quality, but we still remain competitive. Our long experience tells us that coordination with the customer is the biggest risk and Stone Masters has eliminated that risk through the use of its electronic photo templating and automated machinery. Having a single kitchen company in charge of the project does not necessarily eliminate this issue.

Be extremely wary of stone companies that say that templates are not necessary - no walls are square in this country! The machinery matters because stone is hard and difficult to work - be wary of companies that do not have the right equipment in their factory and do most of their cutting in your garden.

Take note of our full service options versus our supply only or delivery only options. Make sure you understand the service level from other companies before you commit to them.

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