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Our Stone Care Kits in Detail

We sell specialised Stone Care kits to help maintain the lustre of your granite and quartz worktops over a long period of time. We have two care kits on offer, one designed for natural stone such as granite, and the other specifically for composite quartz stone, both with contents as described below.

Stone Worktops Care Kit

Natural Stone Care Kit

  1. Triple Effect Counter Refresher - Pump spray for the daily care and protection of polished natural stones. Three effects are achieved in one single operation:
    • Deep cleaning
    • Water, oil and grease repellent protection
    • Restores Lustre
  2. Stain Repellent - Used for water and oil repellent and grease resistant treatment of polished or rough natural stones (marble, granite, sandstone, cotto, concrete ashlar). The product is a weather-resistant, non-yellowing impregnation based on silicone which is effective for years. After hardening, the product is harmless to health upon contact with food products. The natural breathing of the stone is maintained, depending on the kind of stone involved, it may intensify the hue to a lesser or greater degree.
  3. Oil and Grease Remover Paste - Used to remove grease stains, oil stains, wax stains and discolourations in border areas arising from plasticizers in sealing materials on all kinds of natural and artificial stone.

Quartz Stone Care Kit

  1. Quartz Clean & Care - Pump spray for the daily care, maintenance and protection of quartz-based surfaces (Engineered Stone)
  2. Quartz Intensive Cleaner - Pump spray for the intensive cleaning of quartz-based surfaces (Engineered Stone)
  3. Quartz Polish - Renews the brilliance of polished, quartz-based surfaces (Engineered Stone). Does not yellow, weather-resistant, tack-free drying.

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