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Templating your stone worktops

electronic photo template for stone worktops

The advantages of photo templates

Gone are the days of a tradesman turning up to your doorstep with sheets of wood from which they replicate your worktops at your house to guide their manufacturing. The process normally takes up to 90 minutes.

Stone Masters prefers technology of photo electronic templating where we place markers on your kitchen units, take various photos, and then use our software to make an accurate CAD drawing of your kitchen.

The biggest advantage of this method is that you can visualise what you are going to get before we cut and install the worktops:
  • The shape of your worktops are clear and obvious.
  • Any misunderstandings about sink/hob positioning is caught before production.
  • Late changes of shapes, overhangs, and features can be incorporated without penalty.
  • You know exactly what you will get.

Why are templates required at all rather than measurements?

Be very wary of any stone companies that rely only on your measurements before cutting the stone, or say that simple measurements are sufficient before manufacturing because site adjustments can be done later. This will lead to tears.

No walls are straight in this country, yet granite and quartz cutting machinery is designed for straight cuts. For this reason, it is best to take accurate templates of the site, map out exactly how all the piece will join together, and then, once everyone is satisfied, start cutting the stone.

What preparations must be in place before the template

To template your worktops, you must have the wooden cabinets in position and fixed to the walls. They must not move once the template has been taken, or else the stone will not fit when brought back to site.

It is also better to have taken the decisions about upstands, cut outs etc by the time the templater visits. Finally, having the sink and hob on site is always helpful to us.

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