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What edge options are available for granite or quartz worktops?

The edging styles shown above are simply an aesthetic feature of the kitchen, often giving a unique personal touch to the kitchen. There are 4 standard edge profiles available, but if there is another you specifically want, we can normally accommodate it.

Square Edge or Pencil Round

Our most popular and cost effective edge in 30mm stone. It simply leaves a clean finish on the edge, with the sharp corners all shaved off to make it functional also.

Square EdgeSquare Edge Stone Worktops


A traditionally popular edge which is rounded fully, giving you a softer feel than the square option for worktops of a standard 30mm thickness.

Bullnose EdgeBullnose Edge Stone Worktops

20 x 20mm

Stone Masters offers two options for thicker looking worktops. The 20 x 20mm option joins two pieces of 20mm stone to create an overall 40mm thickness look. This edge is extrememly popular in the US and is catching up in the UK.

20x20mm Edge 20x20mm Edge Stone Worktops

60 mm Build Up

A Stone Masters speciality! We attach two pieces of 20mm stone to create an overall look of 60mm thick stone. Careful positioning of the joint means that it is hardly visible and that most people are convinced it is a genuinely thick stone unless the joint is pointed out to them. This type of edge looks very impressive with adjoining floor stands.

60mm Build up60mm Build up Stone Worktops

Custom edge profiles

If you want an edge profile different to those shown above, it is more than likely that we can achieve it to the highest standard. The cost is likely to increase from the standard edge profiles due to us having to purchase custom tools, however the result can be spectacular (and obviously very personal).

Custom edge

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