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How can I remove stains from Quartz Worktops?

Which products to use?

Whilst polished surfaces are generally resistant to staining, Stone Masters recommends you wipe off spills as soon as possible. Where stains are stubborn, first try a household cleaner such as CIF or Astonish (white or neutral versions) with a clean cloth.

Honed Stones

On honed (matt or non-shiny but smooth) surfaces greasy or oily stains can be removed with a chlorine free house hold spray. If the stains remain, try again but with an abrasive pad such as green Scotch-Brite or similar, to be used in large, even, circular motions.

Dried Substances

For dried-on or thick, sticky substances such as mustard, curry or chewing gum on your work surface, use a flat edged plastic scraper until the surfaces can be cleaned as above.

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