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Worktop surfaces: stone vs other surfaces

Hardwearing Care & Maintenance Cost
Granite *** *** **
Quartz Surface *** *** ***
Laminate * ** *
Wood ** * **
Solid Surface (Corian) ** ** ***
Steel *** ** ***

Worktops are always a serious decision when planning your kitchen. They are the focal point visually and they are used heavily. Stone is one of several choices available:

Granite Worktops Granite Worktops

Timeless and luxurious. Always visually spectacular and an immediate statement on your home. Granite worktops keep your kitchen looking like new over many years. The choice available is unbelievable. Though never cheap, granite in general costs less than composite quartz surfaces.

Composite Quartz Surfaces

Silestone Worktops and more...

Ultra modern and chic. You can be fussy with the colour style, with almost a paint palette of plain coloured stones and others with different patterns and graining. Equally strong and durable as natural granite. You can choose quartz stones that dominate your kitchen or blend in more subtly. The main disadvantage is the high cost of some of the brands available.

Solid Wood Worktops

Traditional and classy. However, wooden worktops age less well than stone as they are more likely to suffer from scratches and marks through use. Cost can vary tremendously so it is not possible to generalise whether it is more or less expensive than stone.

Solid Surface (Corian)

Clean, with no joints visible. These polymer (plastic) based surfaces are still popular as the colour choice is vast and the product is well known. The cost can outstrip granite quite easily, and Corian may not age quite as well as granite or quartz worktops.

Laminate worktops

Cheap and cheerful. Perhaps a harsh assessment, however, laminate is the stock choice for most kitchens. Laminate tops are basically wooden chipboard covered with a printed plastic surface. Over time, the product definitely deteriorates significantly, particularly on edges and near the sink.

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