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What do I need to know before Template?

As soon as the initial deposit is cleared a date will be scheduled for templating.

By default Stone Masters applies all the standard procedures and measurements to all kitchens unless it is specified otherwise. Please read this article and inform us if you need any of these adjusted to your kitchen.

Below there is a PDF version of this information so you can print and share it with the individuals that are working with you on the project (e.g. Builder, Plumber, etc...)

Download the printer-friendly version:
Important Notes for Templating.pdf

Instructions for Your Builder/Kitchen Fitter

- Worktops can only be templated once all base units are fixed into position. We cannot template if the units are loose or moving.

- Base units cannot be moved once we have templated. Our work is bespoke based on the site template.

- Once worktops have been fit it is standard practise for us to seal the gap between the worktops and upstands with silicone sealant. If dusty construction work is to continue, we recommend that the builder/kitchen fitter does the final application of silicone sealant instead. Please inform us if you do not want us to apply the sealant.

- Wall tiling or glass splashbacks must be installed after the worktops have been installed and allowed to cure for 24 hours.

Instructions for Your Plumber

Sink fitting Method 1 (default)
- We will fix bolts to the underside of the stone around the sink cutout to which the plumber must attach the sink using the clips supplied with the sink. This is easy and gives plenty of space to install the tap first.

Sink fitting Method 2 - Prepare framework on which the sink can will rest prior to the template date. Our worktop fitters will apply the silicone sealant to the underside of the stone prior to fixing down the worktop on top of the sink.

Worktops Overhang

This measurement relates to how much the worktop stands out from the carcass (not from the door!).
The Stone Masters' default is 40mm from carcass.

Hob Cut-Out

The default hob position is 60 to 80mm from the edge of the worktop.

Sink Overhang

There are 3 standard methods of mounting a sink on a stone worktop.

Steel Exposed - Please consult PDF for more information.

Flush Mounted - Please consult PDF for more information.

With Overhang - Please consult PDF for more information.

Optional Features

The following features, even if shown as free on your quotation are optional and must be specifically requested:

- Side Panel (single or double)
- Drainer Grooves
- Upstands
- Hob Splashbacks
- Recessed Drainer
- Window Sill

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