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Stone worktop slab sizes and thicknesses available

Stone slabs are readily available in 20mm and 30mm thickness (1 inch – 25.4mm). It is possible to get granite and composite stone tiles as thin as 10mm, though the bigger the tile, the thicker it needs to be due to brittleness in the stone.

The most common size of granite worktop is 30mm. This is also the most common size for composite stone worktops, though the trend is definitely towards thinner slabs (20mm or 12mm) which are often manufactured to make them look like a thicker block of stone:

Maximum worktop sizes possible

Granite slabs are normally 2800 x 1800mm (2.8 x 1.8m) whereas composite stone slabs are in general 3000 x 1400mm (3 x 1.4m).

Bear in mind that it is not always possible to get worktops of a maximum size installed in your home.

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