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Silestone Worktops


Silestone Worktops Highlights
- Unique Anti-Bacterial Microban® Formula

- Large Island Worktops Possible

- The Whitest of White Quartz

Silestone Worktops Range
Price Range:

70 colours available

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Silestone® worktops are the best known quartz surfaces in the world. The slabs are produced in Spain. A wide variety of colours and styles, including the natural looking Rivers range and the ultra modern Zen range. Silestone® is the only quartz surface brand to use Microban®, an antibacterial protection agent for more hygienic kitchen worktops.

Silestone® worktops have colour matched joint fillers and silicone sealant to add that extra 'oomph' to your kitchen. Also, it's the only quartz company that currently produces jumbo sized slabs allowing longer lengths and larger island worktops in one piece.

Silestone® pioneered the new textured finishes with the Leather finish which is available on a large portion of its slabs. Whilst other companies have copied this style, the Leather finish by Silestone® still stands out.

Silestone Worktops
Silestone® Blanco Zeus - Worktops - American Airlines lounge, Heathrow Airport

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Unique Colours in Silestone Worktops:

Silestone Zirconium Composite Quartz Worktops
Name: Zirconium
Brand: Silestone
Color: Grey
Price Group 8:
Silestone Verde Fun Composite Quartz Worktops
Name: Verde Fun
Brand: Silestone
Color: Green
Price Group 6:

Popular Choices of Silestone Worktops:
Silestone Aluminio Nube Composite Quartz Worktops
Name: Aluminio Nube
Brand: Silestone Worktops
Colour: Grey
Price Group 3:
Silestone Gris Expo Composite Quartz Worktops
Name: Gris Expo
Brand: Silestone Worktops
Colour: Grey
Price Group 2:
Silestone Lagoon Composite Quartz Worktops
Name: Lagoon
Brand: Silestone Worktops
Colour: White
Price Group 7:
Silestone Lyra Composite Quartz Worktops
Name: Lyra
Brand: Silestone Worktops
Colour: White
Price Group 7:
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