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Featured Case Study – Kitchen Worktop

“We needed advice given that we kept changing our mind on the stone, had a strict budget and wanted to individualise the shape of the breakfast bar ...”

Mr & Mrs Kojima came to Stone Masters looking for an impossibly high priced quartz stone, but they had a strict budget and had to compromise somewhere.

Their U-shaped kitchen design was not unusual but they were keen to put their own stamp on the design of their worktops. However, they could not decide between them whether they should opt for a regular extension of the stone on the breakfast bar, or be more adventurous with a large curve.

Rita from the Stone Masters sales team advised the couple that they did not have to decide immediately, and many of their decisions could be made after the template was taken. The Stone Masters photo template software allows full 3D visualisation of worktops which resolves issues such as those faced by the Kojimas.

Option 1

Option 2

The couple eventually chose dark green Ubatuba granite having visited our slab stockist, Pisani, and reserved the slabs themselves. This process left them assured of the quality of the stone they were purchasing. Final design issues were ironed out, including a last minute sink change, and then the go ahead was given for manufacturing.

“I was very impressed with the final result given that we changed our minds about everything a thousand times. Stone Masters were very accommodating. They had tools for visualisation that none of their rival companies could offer and it made all the difference. I got a great product, saved money, and enjoy cooking on it every day!” - Mr. Kojima, London.

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