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Custom edge profiles

Don’t be fooled by our relatively simple edge profiles on display in our quotation form in the residential section of this website. Stone Masters has been working with architects and designers for over 10 years, and we have produced all manner of stone profiles in the process.

Recent examples

Our machinery is extremely flexible and we have sufficient experience in tooling to achieve most profiles – let your imagination be your limitation rather than our capability. If it genuinely cannot be achieved, we will suggest alternative methods or slight modifications which keep to the intended theme.

More than 30mm

Although standard stone slab thicknesses are 20mm and 30mm, designers have become increasingly adventurous with the virtual thickness of stone of late. There are two ways of making stone look thicker than it is:
  1. Stick multiple slabs together
  2. Mitred edge

Both methods are quite suitable for most applications, though there are differences. The advantage of the first method is that it can be used in curved worktops, however a joint is usually visible. The second method hides the joint very well, but can only be used on straight sections.

Relatively standard edge profiles

The following edge profiles have tools readily available for them and can be requested for by reference to the correct letter:

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