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Sourcing difficult stones

There are a fair number of standard stones in the granites, marbles and quartz ranges. However, for those professionals after a less well known or more unique stone, certain skill is required on the part of the masonry company to source the stone.

Sourcing matters to get the right quality, consistency and delivery of the stone. Architects specifying a particular stone for a project should consider all of these aspects before finalising on their choice. It is no good choosing from a perfect sample if the stone actually delivered is completely different – and this does happen!

Strong supplier relationships

Stone Masters have developed a strong network of local and overseas suppliers of stone in over 10 years of trading, giving us a breadth and depth when finding the right supplier from which to procure goods from for individual stone projects.

This includes slab suppliers in all materials, as well as larger and more awkward block procurement. For example, do you require complicated sculpturing work to be carried out in stone? We know specialists in 3 different countries who can deliver; not only that, but we have the machinery in our London factory to undertake a fair level of sculpturing ourselves.

Quality, quality, quality...

We are regularly involved in helping architects and designers specify the stone for their projects, safe in the knowledge that we will deliver as promised, with the right quality. We have visited suppliers abroad and quarries themselves on behalf of our clients to choose and verify the stone for the most exclusive of projects.

Going to great lengths

One of our particular contracts (Chelsea Bridge Wharf) was won due to our ability to source difficult to find stones. It turned out in this project that another stone company had installed the show apartment in a limestone, but had since fallen out with the kitchen contractor. Thus, the contract was open to the first stone company that could source this particular limestone – over 20 companies searching for one particular stone which would land it a large contract.

Stone Masters called its supplier network in 30 different countries within 48 hours, and eventually sourced the stone, received a matching sample, and got it approved by the kitchen contractor. We carried out not only that phase of the project, but the subsequent 2 phases of the same project over the next 5 years.

If you are having trouble sourcing a particular stone – try us.

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