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Rare and Unique Stone Suggestions

Enough of Nero Impala, or Black Granite, or a plain white quartz composite from somebody like Silestone. We see and cut these all the time, but there is so much more out there to offer our clients.

This guide is an introduction to more unique type stones for the more adventurous working on a slightly higher budget. No doubt it will be out of date as soon as the article is written, however it is always worth contacting us for the latest trends.

Patterned granites

The over whelming trend in the UK has been for plain and predictable granites that are inherently safe. You cannot really go too wrong with Black Granite. But it is also not that exciting.

However, something wild such as the Bahama Blue, or Madura Gold can light up a room just by its unique patterning.

Consider making a visit to our favoured granite slab stockist near Heathrow airport, Pisani who pride themselves on keeping a vast range of new Brazilian granites and Quartzites (natural, not Quartz surfaces) which are constantly changing. You can reserve your unique slabs in our name, and we will cut them how you want them.

Semi-precious Stone Worktops

Semi-precious stone worktops also known as exotic stone worktops are the new surface to have emerged in recent times. Semi-precious stone worktops are made from individually cutting semi-precious stones and then binding them together to form a continuous solid surface. The colour and finishing effect can be dramatic. Being made of semi-precious stone this stone can cost quite a bit but the finished look is worth it!

Caesarstone Concetto Range

Highly heat, stain and scratch resistant this collection can be used for a variety of applications including furniture, vanities, kitchen and bathroom surfaces, floors, walls and special features and more.

Full range in

Caesarstone Motivo

Developed by Caesarstone, Motivo is a new technology that enables customers to create pattern-designed finishes from the range of their surfaces. The new Motivo surfaces adhere to Caesarstone Material. This means that Motivo surfaces are applicable for kitchen backsplashes, wall panelling and vanity-tops.

Silestone Platinum

The new Silestone Platinum series is inspired by Formula 1 world champion Fernando Alonso. Silestone have joined quartz and metallic materials to give a metallic sheen Silestone unique.

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